Based upon reporting by RBK and Interfax

A brand-new poll reveals that almost three-fifths of Russians would assist "turning off the Web" in the event of a national unexpected emergency.

The research study likewise located that 42 percent of Russians consistently utilize the Internet and 38 percent do not use it at all.

Forty-five percent of participants claimed they sustain the idea of blocking the websites of foreign media electrical outlets.

Baseding on the survey by the All-Russian Facility for the Research study of Popular opinion (VTsIOM), 58 percent of Russians would sustain such a move, while 49 percent assist the suggestion of censoring the Web.

Seventy-three percent of respondents claimed "adverse fact" regarding state staff members ought to not be released on the web, while 42 percent agreed that international governments are utilizing the Net "against Russia as well as its passions.".